Saturday, October 25, 2014

Field Of Battle: France vs Russia 1813

Quick game of Field Of Battle 2 today with Stephen using my French against his Russians.
I had 15 units versus his 20 although mine where mostly Crack quality.
However my deck was Poor whilst his turned out as Superior.
Commanders were a mix of Average and Poor on both sides.
I fielded two Brigades of Young Guard with a Foot Artillery Battery each supported by a small Brigade of Old Guard foot and a Guard Cavalry Brigade.
The Russians had 5 Brigades with a Light Cavalry and a Cuirassier Brigade supporting three Brigades of Infantry one of which was a Grenadier Brigade. Russians fielded four Artillery Batteries.
I had set up the terrain beforehand (using Command Piquet).
My main difficulty in the battle was having the lowest possible (yes another roll of 1) Army Morale Level of 11 whilst Russians had a respectable 22.
A couple of decent Artillery salvo's and some foot volleys soon had my Guard down to a dangerously low Morale level.
I tried to assault in the centre but found my self badly repulsed by the Russian Grenadiers on a hill and having my Morale Points exhausted.
This makes recovery of Unit Integrity ('hits') and bringing units back into Command (a sort of disorder/disruption effect) next to impossible.
We are planning an all day multi-player game on our usual Warfare Weekend as we sadly are not able to make it across this year (boo hoo) and are going to play Napoleonics with either Field Of Battle or Shako.
Picking a suitable scenario is next task.

The terrain set up

The game

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