Friday, October 17, 2014

Shako II tested with guess what ?

More Napoleonic action with my French and Prussians this time trying Shako 2 which I have had for ages but not tried (why I don't know as I loved original Shako).
Nice big action with my Infantry units counting as two in Shako.
Bit hard to keep to Orders system whilst playing solo but otherwise fine.
Nice simple mechanics for shooting and combat. Cavalry on Attack orders have to advance at least 4" (15mm scaling) and then must Charge any Formed unit when within 4" even if in Square.
This led to several dead Cavalry units as they fight with Disordered combat values (usually 1 or 2) versus the Squares.
Prussian Grenadiers had to use Hasty Square Formation change but with a Value of 5 only a 6 fails.
This gave their two squares a 5 vs 1 against Garde D'Honneur and 5 vs 2 vs Garde Chasseurs A Cheval with inevitable results.
Use of Cavalry requires a bit of thought with regards to Orders they Operate under.
Infantry in Line are only units that can issue Volleys (Skirmishers have own firing) so no shooting by Squares or Columns which is bit different to most sets but does make decision of which formation to use quite interesting.

Only a few more Napoleonic rules to try :-)

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