Saturday, October 04, 2014

More Napoleonic action this time with Piquet: Les Grognards

Another rule test this time Piquet: Les Grognards (newer edition) using my Prussian and French 15mm troops.
Forgot how much preparation required with PK rolling up unit statistics, Command quality and card decks. But for solo play something satisfying in the range of unit status that results. Used the Theatre Of War supplement (would really like to use this for a campaign) to generate the terrain for an Encounter type battle.
I have only played a turn (not a strict concept in PK) or so but another set I have forgotten how much I enjoyed in the past.
Bit more tactical nuance than the faster playing Field Of Battle spin-off but has the 'chaos' factor of the card sequence that I like.

Hope to get more time in with system but free-time rather limited at present (boo hoo).

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