Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Battle of Hochkirch 1758 with Field Of Battle 2

Played a FOB2 game today using a Might & Reason scenario of the Battle of Hochkirch 1758.
I used my Prussians and the Dice Demon (my word he was on fire today !!) his Austrians.
Being a M&R scenario units are Brigades which works fine for FOB.
Prussians are outnumbered (20 Brigades versus 34 Brigades)and caught unawares historically so we had them set up first and they rolled against a d10 instead of standard d6 when rolling for Move actions on first turn and also gave Austrians first Initiative with a Move card in hand at start.
In hindsight I was maybe too generous with schedule for Austrian reserves.
However as it was the Prussian right flank around Hochkirch was simply crushed in short order with Grenadiers and Artillery being run down by rampant Austrian Cuirassier (so many rolls of 1 by me accompanied by Evens and high by Stephen) who managed enough Moves to get multi-unit and/or flank charges !
On my left I was tad luckier not to be overrun by Austrian horse as I got my own Cuirassier Wing into action although they failed in chasing off the Austrians.
I simply could not Rally any troops today and several Routed off table as Move cards appeared in quick succession.
As my right imploded my Morale dipped and I was soon giving Morale Chips to Austria.
I did manage to survive two Army Morale tests but succumbed on third appearance.
A bloody afternoon for Prussia.
Once again a fast but exciting game (think we took 3 hours to complete) using these most excellent rules.
Very few house rules used today mainly just Artillery not being able to re-limber (but can pivot for free up to 45deg).

Thin Prussian lines with Mounted commands in reserve

Austrian Commands of Laudon and O'Donnell appear on my right flank

Austrians pressing across the stream on my left

More Austrians...…………….

My right taking a battering as Hochkirch lost

Zietzens Cuirassiers restore situation on left

Prussian losses mounting

Stalemate on the left

As disaster looms on right

Austrian traffic jam

Another push across the stream

Overview of battle

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