Sunday, July 08, 2018

Field Of Battle - Neerwinden

Another game using FOB2 today this time at Le Ducs using his Nine Years War 28mm stuff.
He set up a scenario based on Neerwinden with he and I as French attackers and Tony and the Dice Demon as defending Williamites.
Another excellent game which with the big moves for 28mm saw us fairly whizz through the game finishing in a mere three hours despite there being some 40 plus units on table.
Le Ducs house rules for the period disallowed any oblique moves and of the opposing mounted arms only French Cavalry could conduct Immediate Melees.
Additionally for this scenario the entrenched Allies could only be attacked by Foot who could then remove a section of hasty defences to allow mounted to break through or at least that was the theory.
I had right flank forces with two Infantry and two Cavalry commands not sure what Le Duc had.
The Allies had more but smaller commands it seemed.
The game was pretty much split into two distinct action areas with my wing fighting Tony and Le Duc engaging the Demon with very little overlap.
However I knew things were going somewhat eschew on my left as the air was turning blue with Le Duc becoming exasperated with his troops ("bloody French b******ds" was heard at least once)
My foot Commands managed to advance 3 moves on our first card and attack several sections of the hasty defences and the Rumsdorp village on my right.
I repulsed two Allied foot units and dismantled said hasty defences and took the village.
However Rumsdorp was lost and retaken whilst it seemed to take an age for my mounted troops to get into position to exploit the hard won gaps.
Eventually did manage to charge through and rout a damaged Allied infantry unit then engage its supporting cavalry being initially forced back then forcing back the enemy with supports.
My second cavalry command was about to assault the other breach just as game ended.
Le Duc on the left suffered terribly from Allied firepower and he managed to lose a whooping 4 Commanders (despite it only occurring on a 1 on a D20 !!) including Berwick and Luxembourg the CinC.
He did take a section of defences on his extreme left but like me could not exploit in time.
When our Morale Chips hit zero the Allies had only a few (8 ?) left themselves but we were unable to inflict any further losses on them before handing over a few to them then of course on the first Morale Card we turned the game ended giving William the field.
Another cracking game of FOB2 and again I hope Tony enjoyed the game and now has a decent grasp of the FOB system and its nuances, strengths, abstractions and indeed limitations.

My initial advance and one just achieved breach visible at Tonys right hand

Le Duc struggles to attack Neerwinden itself but again note the breach on extreme left

French cavalry approaches  as my foot attempt to clear a path

Rumsdorp changes hands for final time as French push out defenders

Swiss Garde suffer trying to pierce the other breach in allied defences as my cavalry push forward in other breached section

The 'Demon' I don't actually know how well he rolled but can only assume he put a hex on Le Ducs dice going by his fervent outcries !!

Le Ducs dark mood...……………….

Tony armed with hot coffee

My other mounted command swings to assault other breach

Whilst their colleagues at last enter the Allied 'back field'

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