Saturday, July 14, 2018

Command Decision: Test Of Battle - 1940 scenario

TOB game played at Johns using his and Stephens excellent 10mm early war kit.
Scenario was set around Hannut in Belgium with a Panzer Regiment with Panzer Grenadier support attacking against French armour and infantry.
The Boche also had some air support (Stukas and ME109s) the French a small chance of air to counter the Luftwaffe.
Both sides had off-table artillery, 75mm for the French and 105mm for the Boche.
I started as a German Commander along with Stephen but after a single turn Stevie P arrived and took over my command and I then assisted John with French.
The Boche were Veteran with morale 9 (i.e. pretty damn good) the French mostly Regular (with a few Experienced) also Morale 9 (not too shabby)
Interesting using early war kit with French tanks having decent armour and similar AT to Boche but with lesser rate of fire (1 man turret/radio less tanks) and slower.
We failed to finish the scenario with the Boche having taken only Hannut (they had to capture 2 of 4 objective BUA and threaten a third to win) but with French infantry lines badly weakened.
Took a bit to explain the LOS/Spotting rules to John and Mr P as both new to TOB but otherwise things cracked along nicely.
Only mistake we noticed was when a Stuka attacked we forgot to reduce morale of enemy with 12" of the attack by 2 for any morale checks.
Again a nice system for this scale of game ie 3-4 Battalions plus support per side.

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