Saturday, July 07, 2018

Field Of Battle - Lutzen scenario played

Game today with Le Duc and a visiting Blogger Tony ( all the way from East Lothian (over for a weekends FOB familiarisation).
I umpired the game using my 15mm French and Prussians with a replay of a GDB scenario 'The Prussian Charge' at Lutzen May 1813.
Tony took the defending French and Darren the Prussian attackers.
As Tony is a newbie to FOB (he has read the rules and played once ?) I helped him with the mechanics of the rules and card system.
He took no time absorbing the basics and the game soon flowed in the way FOB games do.
Le Duc suffered early on from poor rolls on his move cards and took awhile to get to the initial village target Gros Gorschen but did Rout the French from it rather easily.
However Klein Gorschen proved tougher fare as the garrison beat off its attackers in short order.
Meanwhile both side suffered casualties in the central areas.
The French heavy battery on the hill shot at long range into the flanks of Prussian Cavalry causing them to Rout as another unit was Routed by a French square.
However the Prussian Cavalry rallied and with further mounted reserves arriving they dealt with a square and the French artillery.
A timely arrival by the French Cavalry Brigade shored up that flank before the Prussian mounted arm could run riot.
In the center the French defenders began to rout in droves but again the arrival of a large Infantry Division shored up this area.
Both sides had lost multiple Morale Chips but the French suddenly found their Morale had run out and they were giving chips to the Prussians.
However Tony managed to forestall doom twice by passing his Army Morale check but eventually succumbed on third appearance of the card.
A hard fought action and I hope both Le Duc and Tony enjoyed the game and that Tony was given a good grounding in FOB.
Also hope he saw how well FOB performs for a game such as this with some 30+ units per side.

Off to Le Ducs tomorrow for a FOB refight of Neerwinden with his 25's yee hah

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