Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Field Of Battle another game American Civil War this time

Game of FOB2 at Stephens today using a scenario he has set around a fictional encounter in 1862 in the Eastern Theatre.
5 Infantry Brigades each with Brigade Artillery support.
Stephen had devised a few minor house rules for ACW with main one being that Out Of Command units cannot advance but count and extra Down 1 when fired at to simulate units going to ground/prone.
Command quality was pretty much the same but the Rebs (yours truly) had a Skilled deck versus a Union (Stephen) Average deck.
Yet another slick and eventful game with FOB played to a definite conclusion in just under 4 hours (including waffling).
Union Rifled Artillery proved effective as my Rebs advanced slowly through rough terrain being woods and a pesky stream and an impassable swamp in middle of table.
I tried to turn his right flank and did get across the bridge only to be pushed back by a similar move by Union.
Union had a large ridge to defend on my left which I did manage to assault with couple of units even taking the large farm but again I was soon pushed back.
Losses mounted and I also had several units Routing when my morale went to zero.
Was several Impetus runs later that I turned an Army Morale card and rolled a 1 on a D12 meaning game was over.
Great set of rules generating a fast moving game.

Rebs set up

Yanks set up on ridge

Battle develops as Rebs push across bridge

Whilst advancing on their right

The formidable ridge defence lines

Union reserves counter at bridge

Rebs deploy to assault the ridge

Reb losses mount with some units in Rout (white tiddly-winks)

Yanks take back the bridge and chase Rebs

More routing Rebs

Reb assault on ridge and farm repulsed

Eye to eye

Bridge firmly in Yank hands

As Rebs fade away

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