Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Blucher again French versus British in Spain

Another go with Blucher today at Stephens using a French Peninsula force against Stephens British.
Again using 300 point army builder and the very generic terrain set up (we will try Scharnhorst campaign system).

Another cracking game with my French burdened with attack against almost perfect defensive terrain but a ding dong battle anyhow.

So easy to play this rule set and whilst it has a good deal of abstractions it works fine for the multi-Corps level it is set at.

All in all a fun playable set in fact we managed a whopping 24 turns today !!
Only Field Of Battle or Shako really match this for Grand Tactical Napoleonic games.

FOGN, GDA, BP and OTH are all at lower Tactical level with more formation nuances but slower playing (maybe not BP so much) as more choices to 'deal' with which suits these more tactical games.
Blucher essentially eschews the Column, Line Square options into Standard and Prepared Defence (ie anti-mounted) as units represent Brigades (ie 4-6 Battalions)

We did find that the British Firepower trait is very underwhelming as French can charge from and retreat outside Volley range (unless the British attack and pursue) but made little difference to outcome as attackers (if they attack) suffer at least one Skirmish shot which generally reduces them by 1 or 2 Elan before contact and the Steadfast British trait certainly aids in Combat.

A French loss but it was hard fought and exciting stuff.

French attacking right center. Light Cavalry Scouting ahead

And on left and left center

Central French Infantry Corps

British starting to be uncovered

French Reserve Corps (guess what ?)

Reserve Corps on right wing

Struggle for village on left with British Cavalry about to reveal themselves (dirty beasts !)

Assault goes in against hill (1 British unit repelled the other stood)

French Artillery here on right fired several devastating bombardments (4 out of 5 hits !) 

A very nasty British Light Infantry unit on right hand hill (this unit can Move and Shoot)

French Infantry reluctant to assault on this flank

The Reserve revealed

But not before British Heavy Cavalry destroyed my heroic Artillery

One French Brigade has pierced the British Line on hill but support have been repulsed

British Cavalry forces French into 'Prepared Defence' as guns pound the village


  1. Interesting game I have never really looked at.

    1. Units are Brigades so a ‘scale’ up from Piquet/FOB and so pretty abstract in many ways but like all Sams Rules very playable and very well presented.