Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Blucher rolled out for French versus Prussian bash

I re-read Blucher rules over last few days and wondered why are we not using these more as they seem to tick a lot of boxes ??

Simple slick systems, nicely sized forces and a great activity limiting system in the 'hidden' MO dice.

So Stephen and I had a game today with my fielding 1813/14 Prussians and Stephen the corresponding French.

Used army builder system for 300 point sized forces and the basic terrain generation system.

And what a great game it was too with lots of action right across the table top.

Such an enjoyable set of playable rules by the inestimable Mr Mustafa.
We managed 13 turns (might have been couple more as we forgot to move Time marker early on) but not completed as Stephen had to leave earlyish.
Enjoyed so well however our next game is going to be British vs French at Stephens :-)

Prussian set up as attackers using Concealed status cards French in Defence

Prussian Corps moves against Town (an objective)

Prussian Landwehr and Reservists face the might of Imperial Guard Corps

Imperial Guard Artillery  engages advancing Prussians

Prussian Grenadiers (Shock, Steadfast, Skirmishers and Mixed) push back French to left of town

The Guard go in against Prussian 2nd tier Corps

First assault wave about to hit Town garrison

And in they go, note Prussian Reserve Corps (of Cavalry) uncommitted to rear.

This first assault was repulsed but follow up wave of Reservists took the Town

Stalemate at central hill

Guard mauling Prussians

Battle for town

Overview note my Reserve did commit later advancing to flank Guard Corps


  1. Looks great.
    Must try some more of this sometime. I have full sets of cards actually, if it's worth trying with those.

    1. I have the 100 Days and Peninsula sets bit not the Russians.
      Cards are nice for set up but of course of as precursor to get figures out but certainly good to learn system with (we did play them once)

  2. Am also setting up Rommel for a bash very soon, if you want to try it.

    1. Definitely up for that give me a shout as and when even as spectator.

  3. Very nice AAR. Of the two, which do you prefer, FoG Naps or Blucher?

    1. Oh what a question !? :-) honestly I like them both but BLUCHER ‘better’ for larger games and the MO system is excellent meaning you can never rely on having enough MO left to do all you want in a turn. However FOGN has a few more tactical nuances and the set up system is inspired. BLUCHER is multi Corps level whilst FOGN is a single Corps so not really a direct comparison. Both playable with same figures/basing.

  4. Also I would say FOGN is a bit more predictable than Blucher. In FOGN you can generally move every unit (even if a complex move test failed you still have access to Simple moves) and I can usually tell early on when a battle is won or lost. In Blucher as I said above less certainty of doing moves with every Corps. Slightly different dynamics to the sets. Commanders in FOGN have more direct and defined role whereas not so in Blucher unless you 'buy' personalities. Also the FOGN army lists are very good, Bluchers somewhat more generic. On flip side I would say Blucher easier to use for Historical scenarios than FOGN which has a 4 Division limit