Monday, August 19, 2019

Colonial Twilight first play

Having been enticed by the COIN system with Fire In The Lake I acquired Colonial Twilight mainly due to it being a 2 player version and the subject matter.
Managed to get a run out with it with my a Dad.
He took the FLN and I the French and another hugely enjoyable game it was.
Of course similar system to FITL but more playable with two unsurprisingly and with several nuances for the different situation.
A lot of decisions to make again and never sure (especially as new to us) what is best option regarding playing the card Events or conducting Operations and Special Activities combined with the initiative Track indicating who has first dibs on cards or actions each turn.
I managed to run out winner with French after a couple of fortuitous events coupled with a spending spree of resources to boost my Support levels in the cities just in time for a Propaganda card to appear and give me auto-win.
Great stuff.


  1. Bit of a different game this one? When I saw the title I expected a FIW game?

  2. Yes the little blocks are your pieces. Light blue are French Police/Militia/Conscripts Dark Blue are French Troops (Legion/Paras) Light Green are Algerian Police and Dark Green Algerian Troops. FLN are all the Black hexagons which can be Underground or Activated (embossed side up) round discs are Bases. Area dived in to regional areas subdivided into sectors with cities (The large circular areas) they have a Population rating (0-3) who can be in Support or Opposition of French Government) and are either Plains or Highlands (the darker zones). Tunisia and Morocco are safe havens for FLN to east and west (but after an Independance card play). There is a track to mark/influence of French Public Opinion (FLN Agitation in France) and support or lack thereof (which can effect Resources/Commitment of both sides). Not a traditional wargame system as covers more than purely military combat with a need to balance resourcing and political aspects (usually via Event cards) whilst trying to wing heatrs and minds of populace. Sides are asymmetrical as France has more basic Resources and Military might but FLN hard to pin down (cant be attacked whilst underground) and can use Terror and goad French into retaliation (that French Public Opinion often dislikes along with Casualties). A great deal of interplay and decision making on which/how to perform differing Operations (such as Assault/Sweep/Terror etc along with different Special Activities such as Subvert/Deploy/Troop Lift etc) whilst trying to deny enemy same opportunities and/or to implement of deny an Event. Really excellent game system. There is a AWI version 'Liberty or Death' that I am tempted by. Mind you the games (due to high grade components) are rather expensive !!