Monday, August 12, 2019

Fire In The Lake first play

First try with my first COIN system game ‘Fire In The Lake’ covering the Vietnam War with my Dad.
We tried the short scenario 1965-1967 using historical card deck with a Dad as NVA/VC and I as US/ARVN.
Very interesting system with plenty of decisions to make and varying options for each ‘faction’.
The make up of the card deck is very interesting with great replay value as one only uses half the available scenario cards plus 3 Coup (End Phase) cards, so great replay value and no two games will be the same.
COIN system is intriguing to say the least. K
Military action is abstract but essential as is winning ‘Hearts and Minds’ of the population.
Rules not that complex (but the options/decisions are were complexity as such abides) only real issue we had was recording of Victory Points for each side finding hard to track during turns (just easier to total on each Coup card)
Game was ‘won’ by NVA on 3rd Coup card by having least negative score !
This one should see more play time.

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