Sunday, August 25, 2019

Colonial Twilight a win for FLN this time

Another outing of Colonial Twilight with my Dad this time I played as FLN against French.

Another cracking game with things extremely close at one point.

French were in winning position by Propaganda card just would not appear for them and FLN managed to whittle their score down to below auto-win margin (35) just as Propaganda card finally appeared.

FLN then cranked up their own score to their minimum winning score (30) before French could thwart them as when final Propaganda card appeared they won the game.

Think if Dad had have been more aggressive with his French Elite units he could have wiped out a few more of my FLN havens and Bases reducing my Victory points but you just cannot do everything you want in this game.

Love the COIN system so many decisions to make and trade offs between using Events, performing OPs whilst trying to stop enemy doing same.

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