Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Panzer Grenadier Deluxe game

Had set up a Normandy style table for a game of Iron Cross today however changed last minute to using Panzer Grenadier Deluxe (as practice for upcoming game at Mr P’s)
No real thought to game other trying out the points system in rules as we have always done scenarios.
I took British with 3 Inf Platoons an MMG Platoon, a reduced 3” Mortar Platoon along with a Squadron of 4 Sherman’s and a single Achilles.
Stephen had an off board Artillery stonk 4 Inf Platoons and MMG Platoon and 3 Veteran Tiger 1’s.
I lost every single Initiative roll in our game and with us both arriving onboard (not best idea) his going first was killer as Quick March followed by Exploit Phase moves saw Germans move into the central town very easily with Tigers well positioned to cover all approaches.
Sherman’s refused arrive for 3 turns (they obviously did not “want to lock horns with no Tigers!”) and Achilles was dispatched by single Tiger tout suite.
My Infantry caught in cornfields which give at least limited protection but my Mortars refused to activate to fire the whole time and indeed the FOO was discovered and forced to Disengage out of sight for his Hill top position.
Just as well as the Sherman’s eventually arrived promptly losing 2 Tanks to Tiger Defensive Fire only managing to damage 1 Tiger with lucky double 6 roll.
Actually my rolls today were a wired mix of multiple double 1s (no surprise) and several yes several !! Double 6s but seemed incapable of rolling the average 7.
I do like PzGr as just has nice ‘feel’ for size of encounter it generates with well written rules and good period flavour.


  1. Lovely looking game Gary. I have just picked up Battlegroup and fancy a go at that, so will take some ideas from your table.

  2. BG is very much a game with some excellent supplements. Most a BG scns have less density of terrain than here as most occur in fairly small area at 1:1 scale. Will be interested to hear your thoughts

  3. Great looking table, Gary!