Saturday, April 25, 2015

A day out at Ulster Wargames Club

Managed a visit to the Ulster Wargames Club a venue I am only able to attend at most twice a year.

Arranged to met up with Vassal opponent David Pentland (yes it is that David Pentland of military art fame !) for a WWII game using Battlegroup Overlord rules.

All the most excellent 20mm kit and terrain was provided by David's regular opponent Adam Smith (another local luminary of figure painting and sculpting fame - he is now part owner of Aventine Miniatures).

I partnered Adam in commanding a British force tasked with advancing along a road towards a distant bridge opposed by some dug-in Veteran Fallschirmjager.
We were all a bit ropey with remembering the rules in particular with Indirect fire which slowed things a tad but did make for good learning experience.

Highlights were two Spitfires attacks and Adam rolling 13 hits out of 14 rolls !!
However David then managed 11 saves from the 13 hits !!

Enjoyable game and it was great to meet David and Adam and many other familiar faces at the club that I only meet with occasionally.

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