Monday, April 20, 2015

Combat Commander action at Authie

Not much gaming done this week due to an annoying back injury sustained lifting a drunk male whilst on duty meaning I cannot sit or stand too long at table or even in front of PC. 
The joys of ageing !!

However I  did manage one quick scenario of Combat Commander with my Dad this being another Normandy affair with Cannucks facing SS at Authie on 7th June 1944. 
A tense game this one as the SS are powerful with heavy artillery support and thin Canadian line needs to slow them up whilst staying intact to guard the key central victory locations. 
With only 6 Time Checks until Sudden Death rolls time is against the German player and so it transpired in our game.
Several quick Time Checks put pressure on Germans as they were still not in real striking distance of VPs.
The SS are awesome in close assaults but we were beginning to roll for Sudden Death checks just as they got adjacent to several Canadian units.
I managed to retire out of harms way whilst breaking a couple of stacks long enough for the game to end in my favour after third (!!) Sudden Death roll.


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