Monday, April 06, 2015

Storm Over Stalingrad and Twilight Struggle played

Managed to complete two board wargames with my Dad at last visit !

First up was Storm Over Stalingrad which is a low complexity quick playing game.
I was Russians (not much in the way of attacking for them in this game) struggling to hold the city.
This turned out to be a close game with Soviets just about holding onto to enough Victory Locations to thwart the Germans.
The cards work well with the low complexity.
Great game for quick set up and play through.

After that we selected Twilight Struggle (more a conflict than war game but still great) with Dad being the good ol' US of A and I the Commies.
Another really close game with USA coming out on top by a mere 4 VPs in the end.

Early Russian dominance in Asia

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