Tuesday, April 21, 2015

General De Brigade Deluxe solo game

Set up a solo game to try newly arrived General .de Brigade Deluxe rules.
A very nice set they are too hard backed with lovely illustrations and photos throughout.
They are a tad more involved than other sets I have been trying but play quite fast despite having 'more meat on their bones'.
Only real problem I have is with the 1:20 figure ratio as most Battalions are 32 figures in the rules whereas mine are in 24 figure units (based primarily for Lasalle but with 6 per base rather than standard 8 as I thought looked better) although rules do cater for these smaller units.
Use of a rooster/marker system sorts this.
Orders system used (Assault, Engage, Hold, Move, Support & Reserve) which I sometimes forget but after a few plays I suspect this would be fine as fairly intuitive restrictions or requirements for each order such as if Assault your Brigade must advance at least 1/2 move, on Hold you must.....er.....Hold.
Moving and shooting all quick to pick up and its an old school attrition based casualty system (no saving rolls) with hits and figure losses/removal combined with separate morale testing again all intuitive stuff.
A more tactical level game than many other sets have tried and hence the more involved system.
Hope to get a face to face game with these soon.

Usual Young Guard versus Prussians circa 1813 on my table using included points system and table set.

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