Saturday, April 25, 2015

Final Argument of Kings rules tried on verdant pastures

Had a quick solo play through of SYW game using Final Argument Of Kings rules.
I have had this set for a while but never tried which is odd as it is based in John Hills (RIP) Johnny Reb in respect of order chit system. 
Bit complicated firing and Melee systems but ok once you perform these a few times.
As per Johnny Reb it's a semi-simultaneous system with order chits for First Fire, Hold, Charge, Move etc.
Did not get finished but did get to try my newly completed terrain sections and the furry fleece as the table mat which I quite liked.
Only downside being bit bouncy at times with some of my smaller based trees none to steady. 
Think rather than cutting up for fields I will keep it as an alternative table covering as the mood takes me.

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