Wednesday, April 22, 2015

General .de Brigade last pics

Played through couple more turns.

Enjoyable stuff with a very good set of rules but tad difficult to cope with solo and therefore really need to get a face to face game under the belt.
Hopefully in not too distant future as Stephen intends to buy these (and Blucher) on his visit to Salute this coming weekend (I am not at all jealous..........well not much).

Did not play to anything near completion but just enough to gain a knowledge of the rules and play sequence.

Great flavour of the period and I can see why these are a popular rule set.

Prussian Infantry Brigade holds (in Support) under pummeling by French guns as their Light Cavalry Brigade plows into Young Guard Infantry in the field

Central Prussian Infantry Brigade changes orders from Hold to Assault to push back Young Guard but OLd Guard Brigade also changes to Assault and is coming forward,

Guard Cavalry clash with Prussian left wing. Grenadiers a Cheval Routed a Reserve unit but were pushed back by a lowly Landwehr square (which was fortunate to form just in time). Dutch Lancers also repulsed but coming back for more.

Prussian Hussars force back a Young Guard unit in the field with Dragoons threatening another unit. The French guns look vulnerable.

Central French assault stopped with unit on right about to reach Dispersal Point and fail subsequent Morale check and quit the field after several bursts of cannister.

The Guard cavalry and Landwehr 'square' up to each other. Square in Unformed (Disordered) status after being burst through by routed Reserve unit

Prussian Grenadiers advance downhill with Musketeers. Note I have redeployed several units into Line formation as the Massed Columns rules made them vulnerable to shooting whilst on hold Orders.

So what will I try next ??????

more Napoleonics as I fancy trying Piquet Les Grognards

or SYW with Piquet Cartouche or Black Powder ??

or maybe Ancients with Sword and Spear or Pulse of Battle ???

of course WW2 beckons as I must try Chain of Command

decisions decisions.......................................

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