Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Field Of Glory Ancients game

Managed to hobble over to Stephens to play a FOGA game (been a while) using my Minoans against his Hittites with 47 Chariots on table between us.
Very nice game it was too.
My spearmen are like a moving wall as tough to defeat when steady but not really capable of attacking steady enemy themselves.
I did manage to paint up (shock ! gasp !) a new unit of 24 medium foot types for the game !
Minoan Chariots are all heavy (and slow) whilst Hittites have nice mix of heavies and lights, some with shooting capability so more flexible.
I had a unit of medium foot archers which are usually fodder but they managed to shoot up a unit of Chariots this time.
However Hittites have a couple of tougher foot units with Impact ability or Swords which outclassed my foot punching a whole in middle of my line.
A dice fest clash of opposing heavy Chariot line saw Hittites come out winners as eventually.
Great game though with two fun to use and dare I say handsome (sounds more manly than pretty) armies.

Another set of crappy photos as only had phone with me

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