Saturday, April 04, 2015

Imperial Eagle game

Played a Napoleonic game today trying out Imperial Eagle rules face to face with Stephen.
A very different experience from my solo try with these rules.
I used 1813 Prussians vs his French Young Guard
We found artillery batteries to be simply devastating with the 'bounce through' rules allowing two units (even side by side) to be targeted, this meant the artillery had an almost canister like effect at range being able to literally blow away units in a couple of turns even with average dice results.
The guns were therefore dominant factor in the game to the dearth of any viable tactics
I do not recall this from previous outing with rules (maybe down to terrain ?).
The movement and musketry is fine as is melee (although this can be bloody too) and the morale and recovery stuff is all straightforward and acceptable and very much in fast play mode.
Of course the author being such an ass it is impossible to query anything with the rules but a house rule we came up with is to hit on 5+ at long range and only bounce through on targets actually behind primary target.

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