Thursday, February 13, 2020

Rapid Fire II - Grainville scenario played again

Another outing with Rapid Fire today with a repeat of the small Grainville scenario this time with Stephen as he wanted to try the rules again (with possible view of use for big game in future).
I took British again and he took Nazis.
Another decent game with this fast play set.
We toyed with one of the alternative anti-tank system we found online but felt that it was not worth extra effort for the style and scope of RF.
Only thing we changed today was that we tested Morale by Company rather than Battalion as scenario has Companies operating semi-independently and we tested AFVs as independent vehicles, which all worked seamlessly.
The anti-tank/armour model is fairly basic with the Light/Heavy damage but works in context of fast play game style.
Everything works and integrates well and gives a decent WW2 game with minimal rules overhead.
Certainly may lack some flavour/detail of other sets but certainly does what it says on the tin.
The published Normandy scenarios are a big draw and we are already thinking of using them for other sets.


  1. Excellent - my perfect intellectual level - I think many adopt the company test now as it makes more sense.
    I still prefer 1st ed. since it can be hacked. I was mentioning to Steve on Wednesday about the dodgy 'tank crew running away' rules in v2. A lot of fluff...though why they have rules for grenades seems strange...and then the aircraft stuff in v1 is very sketchy.
    Have you seen the 'Berlin or Bust' blog. He uses RF mechanics with FoB card draw.

    1. Re the testing by Coy this was because we only had 1 Bttn each so seemed better also then with only a couple of AfVS it seemed better to test individually. Works either way

  2. Actually think V2 is better especially for Artillery, and yes kind of a fudging with Bttn level but with low level tactical stuff like grenades or mouse-holing in buildings but it does sort of work. The Tank crew issue was dealt with by just placing a Suppression marker. Will check or BorB

  3. My mistake - It's actually the 'Nation at Arms' blog. 'Berlin or Bust' is the ruleset he writes about.

  4. I have a skirmish set called Berlin or Bust from early 80s but not the same I suspect