Friday, March 16, 2007

Another 3.1Dbm

Another Dbm 3.1 game today my Mauikian Byzantines vs Stephens Carolingian Franks @400pts.
I put a bit of thought into this game as regards terrain setup and as defender I plumbed for a Bua to secure my left flank. I had 2 Reg Cmds and a Sassanid Ally Cmd. Stephen advanced his Kn(F) against my Cavalry and Lt Horse and I had initial success with Lh killing a couple of Kn. I then managed to use the Lh to pull the ends of his line of Kn out of formation but sadly really poor Pip dice on following turn saw the Lh replused/killed for no real gain. Then I threw my Cav in a large mass (ie 6 Dbe units) into his Kn. What followed was pitiful as my Cav were annihilated in 2 turns (the number of 1 and 2s was awful even by my standards!!) breaking my largest Cmd. This coupled with loss of Lh and a coule of Sassanid Cav (shot down by bows again due to awful Pip dice) saw my Army demoralized and beaten. The Cav in a DBE is just too costly when ko'd as 2 EE lost and in Reg army these are losses ill afforded (mind you with such poor die rolls no army would have fared too well). Back to the drawing board for the 'Rolls Royce' Of Byzantine armies.......................................

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