Sunday, July 15, 2012

Still buying if not playing !!

Just coming off a phase of mega-shifts (due to annual 'festivities' here in NI) so no gaming for what seems ages but thanks to the joys of iPhone and 3G I have managed to make a couple of purchases whilst absent !!
Couple for my impending 48th (aaarrrrggghhh how did that happen !!) birthday.

Love the Barbarossa To Berlin game that is directly derived from this so sort of a no-brainer and it gets good reviews. I am kinda taken with these card driven games.

A period of WWII I am very interested in and despite mixed reviews (seems more simulation than game to some) I could not resist.

Another period high on my interest list. A more complex CDG type game but again just irresistible.

My lead mountain is getting further down priority list but I really must get my AWI British at least started as they were last years birthday pressie !!!

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