Saturday, September 27, 2014

Age Of Reason: Russia versus Prussian in Seven Years War

Played a game with Stephen today using the venerable Age Of Reason rules.
We reckon we last used these in 1998 !!.
We used a points system we found on web with some SYW changes to Army Lists and found them to be a nice little change to the rather bland lists in original rules.
I rolled up the terrain map the previous evening and we then rolled for sides.
A great game it was too with the Prussians being less numerous using points but having several nice advantages.
Prussian foot can move half and shoot with -1 dice Russians can only move half and shoot.
And a biggie was Prussian mounted being allowed 2 charges before becoming blown (Disorganized in rules).
We had a large cavalry melee on one flank in which the Prussian horse were victorious allowing them to charge into a Russian Brigade holding a hill and turning whole Russian army (very SYW).
A few discussions (not unexpected) with charge distances and pre-charge moves but nothing we could not work out.
Well worth another outing these rules.

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