Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DBMM Sassanid versus Late Roman

Another Dbmm game at Stephens as practice for him for local Celtic Cup competition on Sunday (which I cant attend due to working- boo hoo).
He is (possibly) using his Late Romans so I fielded my Sassanid Persian for a contemporary match-up. Two quite evenly matched armies these in Dbmm.
A really good game helped by my Irregulars getting fairly good Pip dice rolls for once and the Roman Regulars fairly poor rolls.
Terrain pretty much perfect for the Romans mind you and so I decided to flank march on my right with my Hun Ally command.
They threw a six first turn so arrived on second ! not my usual fate with flank attacks.
They caused Romans several problems but were broken by tough Roman Auxilia.
However on opposite flank I managed to break the Moorish allied command (another bunch of mainly Light Horse).
The B@~+$"d Roman artillery mounted on wagons (of which there were 4) did not cause many casualties (1 KnX) but did disrupt my lines badly meaning I could not get a solid charge at his Legionnaries.
A dust up between my AuxS and more Roman AuxS (with advantage of hill) saw my chaps cut down almost to a man.
I had in one turn two enemy Generals hard flanked and failed to kill either !!
We had to end as midnight came upon us (too much pre-game waffling) and game undecided but looking like Romans might gain upper hand.
After so many games of Dbmm we amazed ourselves by discovering a rule we had been doing wrong all along regarding Pip costs of moving Inept troops less than full move straight ahead.
We always costed a single element move short as 2 pips but somehow realised that the +1 only counts for Groups moves in this instance.

Some fairly ropey iPhone pics as not great lighting

Sassanid deployment

Romans opposite

Romans on one hill.....................

And on another..............

The valley defenders with those annoying ArtF

Persian Cataphracts line up in centre

Persian left with couple of Pachyderms

Right wing supports Cataphracts

Moorish allies of the Romans

Asavaran (Clibinarii) lined up

Cataphracts being disorganized by Artillery

Struggle for hill

Moors about to get clobbered

Huns arrive

And get right into trouble

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