Friday, November 16, 2012

No Retreat via Vassal real time (and more brain barfs !!)

Was fiddling about on Vassal and a chap Daniel (from Paris) asked me to have a game of No Retreat on Vassal so of course I duly obliged.
We used second edition rules (which I have never tried before) and I took the German invaders. Things were going swimmingly until we realised we had both suffered brain barfs on second turn with some of my forces rampant due to ignoring fact that they were actually Out Of Supply !!
We decided to re-start and a much more sedate Op Barbarossa occurred.
But I was still susceptible to brain barfing as I left two of my Armies Out of Supply again near Leningrad !!
I can only claim a small moral victory as it was I that seen error and suffered consequences ie both armies Surrendered (worst that can happen to Germans in game).
This northern disaster fairly cramped my offensive and as Soviet reserves arrived I had to pull back (Hitler not impressed) to save my lines.
We have saved the game in and hope to resume it next week.
Great fun once I got over the strangeness of playing it with Vassal and Version 2.

Proper second attempt with usual rate of progress

Initial brain barf  effort with Germans kicking butt (circled units actually OOS prior to success)

Brain barf part deux as my units are OOS near Leningrad

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