Monday, November 12, 2012

Paths Of Glory face to face (and brain barfs !!)

Played Paths Of Glory last night at my Fathers (seemed sort of apt for Remembrance Day).
This is a really good and interesting game and this face to face game will hopefully help with my ongoing Vassal game (I find I take in the rules much better in a live time game).
However we had to re-start the game after 2 turns as I suffered a major brain-barf over the rules regarding Forts and Sieges !!
Had whole rules search and confusion as to how this occurred and if/how units in Fort conducted themselves in a Siege.
This was all pointless as bottom line is we missed rule (which I should have known from this and WW2 version) that disallows entry into ANY enemy occupied space.
Thankfully whilst we had several sieges we had only done couple of turns so thought it best to just re-start.

Restarted game was excellent (even though we failed to finish) with stalemate on Western Front and much to-ing and fro-ing in East, Italy were causing problems in southern Germany (but boy are there units weak !)
Neither of us had much idea about Balkans or Near East portions nor the Cards/Actions to use in these 'sideshows' even if we did.
Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey had all entered the war and we were both using the initial Mobilization decks and the Limited War decks.
As with these CDG games I love the decision process required for play of each and every card and the strategies/actions they allow and/or frustrate.
This one will definitely get more play

Action on Eastern Front

Stalemated lines forming on Western Front

And the 'brain barf' version with incorrect siege of Verdun etc

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