Saturday, August 28, 2010

DBMM Hsiung Nu vs Han

Dbmm game trying out a LhF version of Hsiung Nu (I like this army list) versus Stephen's Han again. My Army had 38 LhF 12 CvO 3 CvO Generals 12 PsO 6 BgF (divided into 3 virtually identical Cmds of 26/24/24 ME) with Kang-Chu ally of CvO Gen and 12 more LhF. Han had usual mix of Bow Aux Cav and those sodding ArtO with Hunnic ally. Han invaded (in Spring meaning my horses were due to feel hungry) which left very little terrain choice (a nice aspect of Hsiung Nu). I placed a 2FE GH on his right (giving away a readily defensible posistion but thwarting his placement of 2 SF areas somewhat as these ended on my side (one turned out to be a pest) and a further GH on my side along with a BUA to protect my Army Baggage.
Han deployed first on the hill. I sent my Kang-Chu ally on outflank on my left (having suffered from unreliable ally last game I was wary of keeping on table). I then deployed mainly to my right hoping to envelope Han left.
A cunning plan indeed but not so easy to implement with Irr Pip dicing.
My Ally arrived turn 2 facing the enemy ally. This developed into a stand alone battle (some Han LhF joined in) seeing me rather luckily break the Hunnic Cmd but become disordered then broken myself shortly after.
Meanwhile the Han advanced off their hill against my screen central Cmd whilst my envelopment was attempted. As usual the ArtO managed a couple of kills and more importantly forced a couple of columns of LhF to Flee (I had not realised a whole column would flee with front rank element). Annoying as I neeeded to get into posistion and deploy quickly.
My large envelopment never fully materialsed before time was called (and once my LhF became hungry) with my central Cmd close to breaking trying to hold up the Han.
Charging uphill into Han foot and Cavalry was not going to be easy anyhow with LhF/CvO and I was unable to get fully around behind with anything but 1 Lh element.
A very absorbing game this one. Hsiung Nu were interesting to use although the do lack punch but you do get loads of the buggers ! Might try the LhS version next.
Han as pretty as ever and the ArtO truly hateful.
I do think ArtO are a tad too good in Dbmm as they manouvre too easily in Reg set-up (essentially they can hunt you down) and shoot constantly (only losing shot in their own bound after moving) maybe 3 pips to move rather than 2 and 1 full turn without shooting after moving......aah but its all wishful thinking.........................

Pics taken with iPhone again

Han first turn moving from hill (note Huns on left deploying to meet incoming Kang-Chu flank march)
Hsiung Nu central screening command around BUA and awkward SF
The envelopers (too ambitious for Irregulars ?)
Trying to deploy but too slowly..................
Allies slug it out in their own private war

Hsiung Nu screening Cmd under pressure
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