Friday, October 08, 2010

Conflict Of Heroes: Storms of Steel! Kursk 1943

Another scenario played tonight against my Dad. FF15 Dance Of Totenkopfs. A big scenario, but using only 2 boards, with piles of Tanks with air power (2 Stuka strafes and 1 Sturmovik) and a Nebelwerfer card. Great stuff with tanks brewing up all over the show. Only problem I discovered afterwards was that the scenario is designed for 2 Ivan versus 1 Hun (although perfectly playable with Ivan conducting 2 separate 'player' operations etc) and in the scenario it is noted that:-

Reminder: Each Soviet player takes a turn for every one German turn!

We done this incorrectly as we allowed Germans a phase in between each Ivan phase thereby restricting the Ivans a great deal and making Hun rather too effective. Still it was a lot of fun and well worth a replay, especially as Germans (ie my father) came out winners.
We both really enjoy this game with its excellent aesthetics and game play without being bogged down with overly complex systems and can therefore accept its abstractions as a trade-off against sheer fun.

T34 (right centre) close assaults a Tiger but fails miserably !!

Deaths Head commander plotting destruction of next T34

Overview of scenario after first couple of phases

Looking forward to release of latest Conflict of Heroes expansion 'Price of Honour' which covers Poland 1939 but also includes updated counters for Awakening The Bear. However despite its imminent release in USA and elsewhere it seems to have no outlet in UK as yet !!! Hopefully in time for Santa to deliver ?

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