Thursday, December 30, 2010

DBMM Teutonic vs Mongol Conquest

Dbmm game today at Stephens, I used his brothers Teutonics again versus Mongols. A very interesting cat and mouse game. Mongols much speedier than Teutons although we both suffered from poor Pips for several turns. I used Inert Allied Holsteiner command which had consistently low Pips to emphasise its inertness. A feigned flight by Mongol light horse caused problems due to low Pips by Teutons and resulted ultimately in dispersion and destruction of Holsteiners. Several Mongol light horse only spent so hard to dishearten commands. Did manage to destroy 2 Mongol ArtO (always satisfying killing those sods) but left wing Teutonic foot command also broke ending game.

iPhone pics again

Mongol deployment

Teutonic deployment

Teutonic centre facing by massed Light Horse

Mongol light horse clash with Knights prior to feigning flight

Holsteiners getting into difficulties on right

Turkopoles outnumbered on left with support from Livonian foot

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