Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lasalle Prussian vs French 1814

Lasalle game today with Stephen using my Prussians against his Young Guard. French were attackers but with rain and mud their chance of success fairly minimal (as their eight turns barely allowed them to reach my set up zone even in march column) no complaints on Prussian side ! still an interesting game with French having 4 batteries of Artillery (2 x 3 guns batteries with reserve unit) and Prussians having 5 on table Cavalry units (3 Landwehr 1 Dragoon & 1 Hussar). French Artillery fairly pounded my center blasting my Foot artillery and Line Infantry unit. Draw in end mud slowed all progress.

Prussian center

French reserve arrives

Prussian right around the Chateau

Prussian mounted wing advances

French deploy beyond the town

French Artillery dominates the center

Initial French central deployment

Both armies at deployment

Prussian center suffers disruptions from French artillery (Prussian battery already destroyed)

Both sides vie for position at the Chateau on Prussian right (game ended before they got to grips)

Prussian mounted force French into squares but are repelled

Prussian Horse artillery keeps enemy right at bay

Initial French move

French reserve deploys adjacent to town

Prussian deployment

French deployment
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