Friday, August 10, 2012

DBMM Maurikian Byzantine vs Islamic Berber

Busy busy week but managed to get a Dbmm game in with Stephen.
Very little prep time (ie none) so we just picked a Book 3 army each to use and abuse.
I selected my Maurikian Byzantine (a glutton for punishment) and Stephen arrived at chez Barr with Islamic Berbers.
Another fun game ensued as I mass charged the Berbers hoping to pin them back and break through their massed lines.
My Kavallori 'wedges' as ever led by two Generals in front line failed again as ever to break through the spears.
Sadly my supporting Skutatoi foot were decimated by the Berber foot opening a gap that I could not fill (my Pip dice were awful this game averaging 5 or less each turn on 3 dice !!).
With terrain I could (indeed should) have adopted a defensive posture as I had two difficult hills on each flank...................but.......................its just not in my genes..........................

My excuse is I needed a quick game as I had to head off to work for the evening :-)

Both armies deployed note the Byzantine position nicely anchored on two hills

Psiloi on one of the difficult hills

Khazar contingent in march mode

Worms-eye view of Byzantine line

Kavallori massed in center

The Berbers (Herbet Lom is in there somewhere)

Byzantines initiate proceedings

Berbers await (El Cid contingent hug rear edge)

Kavallori up the Berber gullets

Mexican stand-off on my leftKavallori impact spear line

Charged blunted with some 'wedges' repulsed

Byzantine foot in trouble

Byzantine Knights in diffs as well

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