Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Combat Commander another two scenarios played

Another session with this excellent game at my Dads.

We replayed the scenario depicting Canadians vs SS at Authie as I was sure I could better last performance. However this proved a pipe dream in face of the SS and their heavy artillery. I was forced to surrender due to losses in very short order.

We then played a Randomly Generated Scenario using same map which saw a Fallschirmjager Company pitted against a Soviet SMG Company. Ivans defended and fielded 15 Smg squads with 3 more Guards Smg squads and 6 Foxholes bought in addition. They had no long range weapons at all. Also despite having 3 Commanders they are forced to deploy 1 squad per hex so hard to control. The Germans simply chewed through lots of Ivans with a nice run of advance and ambush cards. Again surrender level caused collapse of my blokes.

Great fun once more despite 2 losses.

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