Saturday, November 09, 2013

Field Of Glory : Gallic host face the Might Of Rome

Played another Field Of Glory Ancients game (getting to be a popular set with us) at Stephens.
I wanted to try my Celtic chaps and Stephen wanted to try Marian Legions, I used Gallic circa 250BC so a bit early to face Marius but not too ahistorical.
I had 11 units with 2 Light Chariot 2 Cavalry 1 Javelin Light Infantry 4 Medium Foot (of which I am not a fan) Average Warriors and a Gaestati Allied Command with 2 Heavy Foot (much better) Superior Warriors. Romans also had 11 units with 1 Light Horse Numidians 1 Gallic Cavalry 1 Light Bow 1 Light Velite the other 7 being Superior (huzza) Legions with a mix of 8 and 4 bases.
The terrain fell mostly on my side of table but essentially had no bearing on proceedings.
Two blocks of 8 Superior Legionnaries led by Generals proved absolutely awesome as even my Superior Warriors were outclassed.
Romans with General fighting needed 4's with re-rolls of 1's and 2's at Impact and in Melee compared to my Warriors needing 5's with re-rolls.
The match-up against my Average Medium foot was simply horrendous although I had really good Cohesion rolls for several turns (10+ mostly) in contrast to my awful Combat dice.
Compared to Dbmm Romans are the 'dogs gonads' in FOG and feel much more like......well.....Romans, at least in our opinion.
Only a unit of chariots had any success against the Roman foot.
Another defeat but another excellent game.

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