Monday, January 02, 2012

PC Pbem WarGaming (and board Wargaming)

Still wary of starting painting despite my eye being on mend but did play a couple of Pbem PC wargames as one needs to keep ones  wargaming 'hand in' as it were.

Jagdpanther on prowl in graveyard in a Combat Mission Barbarossa To Berlin game against my Dad
(this beast has been decimating my Ivans for several turns)

Campaign Series Western Front game with my Brits trying to hold back 21st Panzer counter attack in Normandy scenario 'Too Little Too Late' (this one against a chap in USA - one of best features of Pbem Imho)

Another Western Front game this time holding the Panzers back with French in 1940  
(again against my Dad)

For reasons largely unknown to my self I have also been looking at buying a couple of board wargames (when I think I will have time or opponents is beyond me !!!!), but contenders (so far) are :

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