Sunday, April 07, 2013

More Vassal action in North Africa and now Europe

Just fiinshed today a Vassal game of Shifting Sands with Norman.
A close run thing in the end but with Norman victorious by having minimum 6VP needed, which is just reward for gentlemany conduct earlier.
After a ropey with start with rules (mainly by yours truly) we got this game going well and very enjoyable it was too.
That wonderful thing hindsight instucts that I needed (in this particular scenario at least) to be more aggressive with DAK in N.Africa as Brits have fairly easy time in Near East and East Africa claiming several of the Victory Locations there.
Should have tried for Tobruk earlier I suspect so as to put pressure on Mersa Mutrah and force Norman to take actions in this area as each taken there is one less in other theatres too.
Rommels positive combat shift of 2 columns when attacking with German units is very powerful.
British use of Malta Convoys cards also pwerful as it reduced Axis hand by 2 cards limiting scope for Operations for at least two turns.

End game

Hoping Norman is up for another Vassal game but of what it will not too sure (Fast Action Battle: The Bulge or Kingdom Of Heaven or ?)

 Also just started a game of Barbarossa To Berlin WW2 on Vassal/ACTS against a Canadian bloke Greig.
I am playing as Soviets in this one.
We are just onto second turn after Greig unleashed Barbarossa and made some decent gains.
I have just brought some much needed Ivan reinforcements on hoping to stem the Fascist tide, we shall see..........................

Red front pierced by Barbarossa onslaught

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