Monday, January 12, 2015

Turning Point Stalingrad played and some AFVs painted (yesyou heard correctly paint applied !!!)

Managed to play a live game of this classic title with my Dad last evening. Great stuff with Russians hanging on to riverbank aided by a couple of short days for the Germans.
Love these area/zone games as lots of anguishing decisions to make as to where to take an action against a ticking clock.
Stalingrad has an added twist in that units which are involved in combat can be Disrupted for 1 - 4 days !! This means a good deal of planning required to plan each days actions especially for the German player (Russian more reactive).
The map board (mounted) is a joy to the eyes and so many evocative locations thereon.
The counter are old school compared to modern games but perfectly functional and good large size.
The rule book is comprehensive but boy is it badly laid out with important rules 'hidden' in blocks of text or in an unexpected section.
Game ended after first week with Germans coming up short of the 7 VP required (tournament scenario) achieving only 5.
I have tried this on Vassal but as ever so much better in live and tactile environment as I tend to miss things on biggish maps in Vassal at times.
Good time had with an older title from the late great Avalon Hill stable.

Also managed over course of past few weeks to paint (gasp ! shock !!) up several 15mm AFVs that have been languishing unloved.
Just need some decals/numbers applied.
I had planned a game of Battlegroup Overlord but sadly work got in the way again.
Note these are sitting on a newly acquired gaming mat which is quite nice being of a 'tea towel' type material.
Needs a good ironing and maybe the white edging hidden underneath otherwise good to go.

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