Friday, March 23, 2012

No Retreat ! The Russian Front on table again

Played Stephen today with this excellent game. He took Germans and I the Soviets (just for a change) he had rather poor opening turn failing to kill any Ivans or even push them back ! this blunted his drive eastwards even though he got an extended Summer and reduced a Long Winter turn to Snow. He did manage to take Leningrad in early 1942 but never really got near to any Sudden Death victory totals. As Soviet upgrades were kicking in and Germans were begining to consolidate a defensive line we had to call it a day. Great game as usual and Stephen impressed by its ease of play and flavour of events. Also impressed by the quality of components.

ACW game at his tomorrow with Regimental Fire & Fury rules (not tried these yet) and 15mm toys, cant wait !

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