Saturday, March 03, 2012

Hail Caesar first try (solo) at last !

Played a solo game of Hail Caesar today using table from previous Dbmm battle with couple of forces from the Classical Army Supplement namely; Republican Roman and Galatian. Used 2 wide Dbmm elements as small units (although 3 bases for Skirmishers) 3 wide for Standard sized units and 4 wide for large units. Also gave Galatian Warbands a second rank just for look of the thing. Both organized into three 'Divisions'. Only deviation from lists was I allowed Allied units as single units rather than the Allied only Divisions of lists. Played it as a straight 'run at them' type affair to try out rules. Have to say they work pretty well with the usual variance of Command dice meaning a couple of 'Divisions' failed to move on occasion (that chaos factor I so enjoy), Shooting easy to understand although it seems a bit powerful (mainly due to any 6 rolled causing a 'Break Test' often resulting in a Retreat even if only one casualty suffered). Close Combat a 'bucket of dice' system with for instance the large Warband units rolling 9 dice at 'Clash' hitting on 3+ if charging 4+ otherwise. Hits are then potentially saved via 'Morale Saving' throws with excess being casualties suffered. Loser of melee tests for Breaking (with minus difference in casualties inflicted). Supporting units provide bonus dice (their short ranged attacks) but suffer similar fate to unit supported if it loses. Movement extremely fluid (as per Black Powder) until units come withing 'Proximity' of enemy when it becomes line up and face nearest enemy. Skirmishers and Light Cavalry are 'Open Order' troops that can Evade (a successful Command Roll required) but really only charge each other and pretty much evaporate if caught in melee. As with Black Powder several special rules/abilities available but these were none to onerous to remember using the 'official' lists. All in all a slick fast moving and fun game certainly in lighter vein than Dbmm or FOG.
My main bug-bear (again ala Black Powder) is the IGO UGO sequence of play that has shooting after moves, this allows a moving unit to come up to a stationary unit, fire at it, and quite likely cause a casualty and possibly a retreat/disorder without reply. Non-phasing units only get to fire out of turn at chargers (Closing Fire) or at those moving across their front (Traversing Fire). I would much prefer simultaneous shooting or else 'Shoot then Move' and may experiment with this.

Armies line up

Galatians move forward....except for the Cavalry wing

Roman Legion prepares to meet them (all Small units)

Galatian Warbands in Standard size units

Small Roman Cavalry unit takes on a Warband

Illyrians faced by large Warband

Struggle around the rough ground

Galatian Cavalry moves after 2 turns dawdling

Also managed to pre-order this (from North Star games £30 including card deck) apparently due for release in early April
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